New Novelty Line Blends
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New Novelty linen for the first time developed and manifactured  with so many different blends like Nylon,Rami,Rayon,Lurex,Cotton and more. please click on the image for pdf file to see all details please.Click On The Images For More Details

linen-pnt 148.png linen-pnt 149.png linen-pnt 150.png linen-pnt 151.png linen-pnt 152.png

 linen-pnt 154.png linen-pnt 182.png linen-pnt 184.png linen-pnt 185.png linen-pnt 187.png

linen-pnt 188.png linen-pnt 190.png linen-pnt 192.png linen-pnt 193.png linen-pnt 197.png

linen-pnt 198.png linen-pnt 199.png linen-pnt 201.png linen-pnt 202.png linen-pnt 204.png

linen-pnt1 033.png linen-pnt1 034.png linen-pnt1 035.png linen-pnt1 036.png linen-pnt1 037.png

linen-pnt1 038.png

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