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Different wieght of denim ,slub denim,knit denim,cross hatch denim in different color in stock ,also we carry japanese denim in stock in japan delivery in 2 weeks or 3 days by air. 

please click on the imag for more information in PDF file.

black stripe denim.jpg  dk-indigodnm 10.jpg kint denim-qzf09-302.jpg knit denim 5 oz.jpg knit denim qzf095.jpg lt-blue denim.jpg

lt-st-denim.jpg satin denim.jpg slub denm 4.jpg st-denim da005-6oz.jpg st-denimda-005.jpg st-dnm10 oz.jpg

st-slub dnm.jpg st-slub dnm10 oz.jpg velvetten-f86000002b.jpg

we do always carry more denim and every day we recieve new denim please call us for new arrival

(213) 627-0034


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